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Killing off your Villains


Hello wonderful people and welcome back to the Kingdom! I hope you all had positive and productive weeks this week. So last week we talked about writing memorable bad guys. We talked about the key components and things to consider when crafting their character. This week we’re talking about killing them off.
Now it does seem like kind of a shame for you to put so much work into a character, only to have them die. However, sometimes it’s a really good plot move. Sometimes it’s not. There are lots of videos out there on the internet explaining what people should consider before killing off a character, if you want one from me let me know and it can be arranged. However this video assumes that you are dead set on killing off your villain (no pun intended).

So those are my tips for doing your villain away with a bang (again, no pun intended…okay maybe just a little). Killing off any character is a tricky topic, but if it’s your villain it’s different for a whole host of reasons. They were the baddie! They created conflict, they created a huge part of this story. So their ending needs to fit the story they’ve help to craft!Anywho, do you agree with what I said? Do you think I missed something out? Let’s start a conversation! As always guys, let me know what you think! I will see you all next week where our topic is Not-So-Strong Female Characters. I hope you all have positive and productive weeks and I’ll see you next time. Bye!