Book Chatter


Hi guys and welcome back to the Kingdom. I hope you all had positive and productive weeks this week. So this week we’re still talking about relationships, and we’re talking about tropes that hop up a lot in YA fiction, that annoy the snot out of me. 

Now I love a good romantic plot in fiction. Emphasis on the word good. But sometimes, in the name of appealing to the masses or looking for a sell-able angle, novels slip into tropes that they think will get books racing off the shelves. This in itself isn’t a problem, I totally understand that marketing books is getting more and more difficult, however, in the name of marketing these romances, a few irritating common occurrences has cropped up. 

​I talk about them in more detail below. 

So those are some of the common tropes that I find irritating. Like I always say on this channel, it’s a little hit and miss. I think that it’s always incredibly easy to give big sweeping statements, but the truth is that each situation is unique. I am always open to seeing old tropes done up in new, interesting and thought provoking ways. It’s one of the beauties of art. 

Do you think I missed any tropes out? Do you agree or disagree with what I said? Let me know in the comments sections and as always guys I hope you have positive and productive weeks. Until next time. Bye!


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