Hi guys and welcome back to the Kingdom. I hope you all had positive and productive weeks this week. Sorry that this post is late this week, I have been having some serious trouble with my internet! So this week is the start of a three part mini-series talking about romantic relationships in fiction.  

This week we’re talking about dangerous and unhealthy trends that I’ve seen cropping up a lot recently, and I explain why I think they’re dangerous. This video gets a little bit more serious in places than some of my other videos, however I thought it was an important topic to discuss. I hope you guys agree with me, see what I mean below!

*Disclaimer* The video talks about stalking, obsessions and ignoring verbal rejection. If subjects like this make you uncomfortable please skip this video. I’d rather you were comfortable. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Please do let me know if you agree, disagree, have something to add. Comments are always open an I love hearing from people who have seen my videos. Do you think I left out another crucial behaviour that’s been cropping up recently. Are there books that you would have loved if these behaviours hadn’t been introduced? I want to get into all the chatter. 

Until next week, I hope you all have positive and productive weeks!


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