The Comedic Hidden Bad Ass

Hi guys and welcome back to the Kingdom. I hope you all had positive and productive weeks this week. So this week we’re talking about a type of character that is becoming more and more common in fiction, and that is the Comedy Hidden Bad Ass. One of the reasons I believe this style of character is becoming so popular is because there is so much going for them, which is what I talk about in this video. 

There are lots and lots of examples of this type of character in media, but the long and short of it is that this character is rather funny, and unexpectedly possesses phenomenal powers that display themselves in rather fantastic ways, often during the middle of a crazy fight scene. They are the perfect mix of hilarious and extremely cool, and shockingly people seem to enjoy that combination (crazy right?)

Any who the video is below. 

So that is today’s video! I hope that you liked it. If you did please let me know because I will then endeavor to talk more about specific types of characters in fiction. Honestly, as you know, I’m not a huge fan of using character archetypes in stories, because they just don’t feel real to me, but I’m more than happy to talk about common threads that I see appearing more and more in fiction.

Any who, that’s all from me. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Can you think of some other golden examples of this character? Can you point to examples where this character simply doesn’t work? Let’s get chatting and as always have a positive and productive week. Bye!


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