Book Chatter

Damsels In Distress – A Good Trope

Hi guys and welcome back to the kingdom. I hope that you have had positive and productive weeks this week. So this week we’re talking about perhaps the most universally well known and simultaneously disliked trope in history. The Damsel in Distress, and why I think that executed properly it can really boost your story.

Now hold on, before you start to raise your eyebrows at me, I am NOT saying this scenario is a guarantee for good writing or that it’s my favourite thing to see in fiction. Far from it. What I AM saying is that, when this situation is explored properly you can see some really interesting dynamics get thrown into the light. Anyway, enough of my wittering, onto the video!

So there you have it. Why I think that the Damsel In Distress Trope is a good trope! I hope that you guys enjoyed this video. Can anyone think of some good books where this situation has been pulled off well? I can think of quite a few movies and TV shows, but very few books. Maybe I’m just having a brain melt down moment. What aspects of this scenario do you enjoy reading about, do you remember a truely fantastic or a truely terrible example of this? If you can then let me know in the comments below, let’s get chatting!

As always have a positive and productive week and I’ll see you soon for another Book Chatter Post. Bye!


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